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[iOttie]Amazon eCommerce Associate-Bilingual Japanese

職種 専門・特殊・その他 登録日 2017/11/29
性別 無関係 経験 無関係
年齢 無関係 勤務形態 Part Time
期限 該当する情報がありません

iOttie is a thriving company located within the fast-paced consumer electronics industry. Since the company was founded in 2010, we have grown to become a well-known and respected worldwide brand. iOttie strives to produce high quality products with an emphasis on design and functionality. We are known for our innovative, creative, and unique products. Our headquarters is located in Midtown Manhattan, NYC.

* Job Type:
Part Time

* Years of experience:
1-2 years of work experience preferred

* Language Requirements

Japanese & English required

* Summary of position:
iOttie is looking for a highly energetic individual who is willing to grow within a rapidly growing company. The ideal candidate will be responsible for implementing improved polices within the eCommerce Development team as an Amazon Japan
eCommerce Associate. They must be willing to obtain customer feedback as well as respond to customer inquiries in a timely manner. Said individual must be able to work closely with a team as well as management in regards to customer needs in the Japanese market. The ideal candidate should be able to bring external traffic to Amazon Japan to help build iOttie’s brand within that platform.

* Job Description:
· Bring external traffic to Amazon Japan and build the iOttie Brand
· Creating and maintain product listings on the Amazon platform
· Responsible for obtaining customer feedback in regards to new products for product development purposes
· Responsible for analyzing the market and finding the best ways to grow within the channels


* Qualifications:
· Highly motivated team player
· Must have a positive attitude
· Must be energetic, creative, and willing to put their best foot forward at all times
· Must be willing to constantly challenge themselves in order to create new, efficient processes
· Outstanding communication skills both verbal & written.
· Above all else, strong personal values, integrity, honesty and diligence.
· Experience in consumer electronics related business is a plus.
· Inside Sales and/or Call Center experience preferred.

Please contact hr@iottie.com


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