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Traveling Personal Assistant

職種 専門・特殊・その他 登録日 2017/05/08
性別 無関係 経験 無関係
年齢 無関係 勤務形態 Full Time
期限 該当する情報がありません

Advisor Abbate (AA) is seeking a full-time Personal Assistant who will be available 24/7, and is willing to travel.

AA is seeking a high-performing Traveling Personal Assistant (Traveling PA) who will understand and anticipate the needs of AA — and will have the flexibility and expertise to accommodate.

The Traveling PA will undertake all the duties and responsibilities of a traditional PA, but will continuously travel, mainly internationally, with Advisor Abbate.

The Traveling PA will have a work base in New York City Metropolitan Region; and from that base, will travel to numerous countries between AA’s properties/hotels/offices, accompanying on international business trips. The Traveling PA will be required to be utterly flexible, extremely discreet and supremely organized.

The Traveling PA will:
• Anticipate needs and take the initiative. The Traveling PA will be able to work independently to address AA’s needs. Will immerse into AA’s life, demonstrating the uncanny ability to solve problems before they start.

• Demonstrate outstanding communication and time management skills. The Traveling PA will act as AA’s diplomat, handling correspondence, calendar and meetings with skill and expertise.
The Traveling PA will also arrange travel and accommodations, manage competing schedules and priorities, prepare international home/hotel/offices/meeting rooms for the arrival, and coordinate with other staff members to assure the complete needs are met at all times.

• Address complex and mundane tasks with enthusiasm and skill. From running errands to managing difficult situations, The Traveling PA will be there to smooth the path.

• Demonstrate common sense and discretion at all times. Maintaining confidentiality while always putting AA’s needs first, are two of the skills AA expects when selecting a Traveling PA.

• Excellent presence and impeccable manners: Being fashion conscious, with excellent presence and extremely well mannered; and aware of proper ceremonials, is essential. AA operates in the International Business Development industry. One of the sectors AA covers is also related to fashion and personal branding. Please view some of the corporate links hereunder.

Length of proposed employment contract: 5 years minimum, no maximum.

Yearly Gross Salary is Negotiable: USD 40,000 to USD 130,000. Depending on experience.

Working VISA: Visa sponsorship to a specific Country is not essential, as the position requires no more than 4 weeks journey in one location.

Please send your inquiry with CV and Cover Letter to Ms. Nicoletta Barolini:


Nicoletta Barolini
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